Tale of Our Toffee

Encore Toffee is a labor of love, sustaining friendship, hard work and fun, while creating superior products. Everything is made by hand and attention to detail is given to each and every aspect so you can either savor our candies yourself or give them with confidence. Here’s how it all started:


When we worked at “real” jobs, we made our Toffee and Brittles after work into the wee hours of the night to give as personal gifts. We didn’t know it then, but our holiday tradition grew into a business and now you too can share our toffee with your favorite people, as we do with ours.

Hoarding stories

As we have for over 35 years, we continue to hear multiple stories of people hoarding and hiding our Toffee. That’s how good it is.

Customer stories

Our customers tell us

“You make gifting so easy: your products are delicious and your follow through, unparalleled. Thank you and yum!”

“We’re already hearing great things back from our clients who couldn’t wait to open the tin and sample! Delicious! Decadent!”

“We have been giving holiday gifts for years, but we have never had so many thank you calls, email and texts that we did this year. We give gifts to show appreciation to our customers and your toffee made us look great! Thanks and we’ll be in touch next year!”

And their clients tell them:

“Many, many thanks for the gift of this extraordinary, delectable, and downright “Best-in-the-world” toffee!” 

- Joan and Kathy