About Us

Welcome to Encore Toffee

Our Encore Toffee is truly amazing. One taste and you will be a believer. We still make our English Toffee and Peanut Brittle the old-fashioned way - in small batches using all premium ingredients from a recipe handed down through generations. A perfect gift for any occasion.

Our Toffee

We use three different premium Guittard chocolates – a luscious milk, a smooth dark and an incredibly creamy white chocolate - to spread on top of our toffee - then sprinkle generously with walnuts. A perfect balance of flavors is achieved by the blending of toffee, chocolate and nuts. When combined with our tried and true cooking technique, the result is toffee with the perfect texture and snap. Not only is our Toffee amazing, it is extremely fresh, made for you when the order is placed.

And wait until you taste our Encore Gourmet Brittles – golden brittle, made in the same manner as our Toffee, in small batches and fresh for you when the order is placed. There is none better.

Beautiful Packaging

We pride ourselves in using eco-friendly gold tins manufactured in the United States for both our Encore Toffee and our Encore Gourmet Brittle. We wrap them with beautiful ribbon finished with lovely hand tied bows. When the tin is opened, it is like opening a gift as the tin is lined with an American made cello paper that is used to further enhance the presentation. An unforgettable and unique presentation with the most extraordinary tastes inside!